open book page
A word regarding fees and fines with the OCLS.

The Orange County Library assesses a fine to the record of any borrower who fails to return library materials on or before their due date. We encourage our borrowers to avoid the charging of fines and fees by sending notices to help educate and inform borrowers regarding the use of their account. As custodians of both the collection and the public's trust, the Library is committed to fair and consistent application of our policies. Holding all users equally accountable for the use of the Library and any fees or fines incurred is part of meeting that public obligation.


DVDs 7 days $.25 3
Books on MP3, Playaways
(limit 8 per card)
3 weeks $.25 3
All other OCLS materials 3 weeks $.25 3

Additional Fees

Notes Fee
Library Card Replacement Payable at the time the card is reissued. $3.00
Non-resident fee card 6 months $75
3 months $100
12 months $125
Postage on items returned When materials are mailed to the library, they must have the proper postage. If not, the difference will be charged on the patron account along with a $5 handling charge. 5$
Returned item missing the case, cover, labels, tags Non-refundable handling charge will be assessed. 5$
Returned item missing a disc or video Non-refundable handling charge will be assessed. 5$
Missing part returned within 30 days. Overdue fines will be charged
Missing part not returned within 30 days. Cost of the item will be charged
For CD books, missing part isn’t returned within 30 days. $30 fee will be charged
Scanning which can be saved to a portable device provided by patron. $1 per page
Sending Fax   $1 per page
Technology classes* Residential, property, and fee cardholders. Free
Non-resident 10$
Cancellation fee will be charged unless reservations are cancelled by 11:59 p.m the day before the class is scheduled. 5$
Meeting Room Use* Albertson Room (at Main): $150 per two hours
Catering fee (if bringing food/beverages) $75
Other rooms (Main and Branches) $10 per hour
Catering fee (if bringing food/beverages) $25
Main Co-working Room* Per hour 5$
Catering fee (if bringing food/beverages) 10$
Technology and Education Center Computer Classroom Rental* 1 - 4 hours $250
4 - 8 hours $500
Direct inquiries to 407.835.7381 or  
Non-cardholders and non-residents may also rent these rooms.  
Melrose Conference Room Fee cardholders $125 per hour
Non Fee cardholders $150 per hour
Melrose Center Reservations* View the fee schedule for studio and equipment bookings.  
Photocopies** Regular page $.15 a page
Microfilm - 8 1/2 x 11 $.50 a page
Computer Printouts** Regular page $.15 a page
Microfilm - 11 x 17 $1 a page
Color Computer Printouts** Regular page $1 a page

*Cardholder must have zero balance on account.

***Value cards are needed to pay for copies and computer printouts. Value cards may be purchased in vending machines for $1.00 and are used to pay for copies. The vending machine dispenses value cards with $.50 value, and additional value added. Value cards are non-refundable.for 11 x 17 microform. There is a 10-page maximum.

*For patrons requesting library staff to make copies to mail or fax, there is a $5.00 handling fee plus a per copy charge: $.25 per page for 8.5 x 11 print copies, $.50 per page for 8.5 x 11 microform, and $1.00 per page for 11 x 17 microform. There is a 10-page maximum.