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Kick start your workout goals with Core & More Fitness and enjoy a healthier and stronger body with lasting results.At our health studio, we have private trainers and senior fitness instructors that understand our clients’ varying requirements.Whether you want to lose weight safely, build up on muscle, or a means to maintain an active regimen, our coaches are here to deliver a fitness experience that complements your needs.

At Core & More Fitness, we offer the assistance and expertise of our personal trainers to ensure you’ll get a complete workout program that benefits your lifestyle. Our private trainers in Orlando are always well versed with the latest in health, exercise, conditioning techniques, and nutrition. Every member of our team is likewise passionate about fitness, knowledgeable in proper gym instruction, and focused towards motivating you in the best possible way.

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Thila Gerber, 68

The plan was to just lose a few pounds and firm up, and after 6 months of fun and awesome workouts I have lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle with a BMI of 23….Yeah! Thank you Jason, for keeping me focused. 3/26/12

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Debbie M, 40

I too am in the fitness profession -- I teach a number of group classes at one of the largest public gyms in Orlando. I hired Jason because my current routines were no longer working for me and it was getting much harder to maintain the level of physical conditioning required for this business. No one wants to train with someone who looks out of shape and lacks stamina. Jason reviewed my diet and exercise plan, making changes in the way that I eat, take supplements, and workout. I'm now working smarter, not harder, and I've never looked better. Thank you, Jason! [4/20/11]

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Patricia U, 55

I am a former USAF officer who has been weight training on and off since the early 1970s. As I've aged, I have gotten a little heavier and I have lost muscle mass. I was reluctant to hire a fitness trainer to amp up my routine, as most of the trainers I'd observed used techniques that were unsuitable for both my age and long-term injuries. Jason helped me to stop exacerbating old injuries (damaged ligament at the ischial tuberosity, among others) by changing lifting habits I've developed as compensating mechanisms. He revamped my old-fashioned "shred" diet and cut out a lot of expensive and unnecessary supplements. As a result, I've been able to lose weight without feeling hungry. I look better and I have a lot more energy. Best of all, I'm no longer in constant pain. [8/23/10]

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