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Armenia is a small and mountainous country of peaks and high plateaus cut by river valleys. It was the first to embrace Christianity as a state religion and powerful old stone churches are silhouetted on the hilltops and tucked into the valleys. Tragedy and triumph have become dual themes that are indelibly woven into the fabric of Armenia’s history.

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Land of adventure

One of the most popular ways of extreme tourism in Armenia is rafting. Rafting is very popular among adventure lovers, and definitely, it is not for beginners. If you have already conquered all the most extreme rivers, it is time to make the descent by the most rapid rivers of Armenia.

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Discover the ancient city

Yerevan to mark it’s 2797th anniversary October 12

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Yerevan, one of the most ancient cities in the world, celebrating its 2797-th anniversary in October 12, 2015. The capital of Armenia has all the advantages of a modern capital city and boasts numerous historical attractions, together with a friendly atmosphere, which makes visitors feel at home. The city itself is one of the main tourist attractions in Armenia.

More History

6,000 years old wine press found in armenian cave!

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Archeologists have unearthed the oldest wine-making facility ever found, using biochemical techniques to identify a dry red vintage made about 6,000 years ago. The excavation shows a complex society where mourners tasted a special vintage made at a cave side cemetery, reported on Tuesday in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

More Archeology

5,500 year old leather shoe is the oldest ever discovered!

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An international team of archaeologists has discovered the world's oldest leather shoe. One thousand years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
The 5,500-year-old shoe was perfectly preserved by the cool, dry conditions in the sheep dung-lined cave in Armenia where it was found.

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The taste of heaven

Armenian national cuisine has developed over thousand years with multi-ethnic recipes. The glory and fame of Armenian national cuisine extends far beyond the borders of the country. In order to enjoy the full variety, it will take you some knowledge of Armenian food. It is notable that Armenian food is “seasonal”, as Armenians use the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and spices available at that time.

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