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"Let’s build awesomeness together!"

About Me

I’m a designer and an artist, working in web development and print media.

Design to me is a way of life. It’s not a job but a passion that I grow with every day.
I believe that my art background and understanding of color theory and overall layout composition have helped me become a better graphic and web designer.

Digital design is my pixel perfect and detail oriented world. Whereas painting is my free space, where I express whatever I feel inside. Together they work in perfect harmony to shape the designer I am today.

My design process starts with scribbling ideas, thinking about the problem and the solution. Once I have a clear design concept, I start with wireframes, imagery, typography and put together a visual inventory for the client. For development, I write HTML5 and CSS3. I’m also learning Sass, Javascript and JQuery.

I love learning new and better ways to create seamless user experiences with clean, efficient, and responsive code.

Whether it’s an Identity Design, Brand Design, or a Web Design, I always strive for perfection and the best possible result for my clients.

When I’m not in front of a computer screen, I'm probably painting, cooking, practicing Yoga, traveling and having fun!

My Skills